playing with a different way to draw, with vertical lines, rather than the typical organic flow that usually comes out.


  1. ooh... vertical lines are hard. I can't draw at all like that.

    kinda looks like half tone... or zip-a-tone.

    I love the old timey logo... did you make it or is it a real bourbon company?

  2. It actually is a real label sticker. I integrated 3 elements together here in Photoshop using the "darken" feature, so it became see-thru (the paper of that sticker was cream colored like the background)

    I'm curious now - I don't know what zip-a-tone is...??

  3. wow - I just looked that up, that's a really cool element to add to artwork. I'm going to have to try that as tranfer!

  4. I remember doing this kind of illustration in high school. It's a great technique, if you have the patience for it. I was looking at some art books the other day, and came across a pencil color book. The author used only vertical lines when creating the pieces (made it more photo-realistic or something). I'm more the contour line kinda person, it seemed kinda wierd but the pieces were very realistic.

    Great job on ol' honest there.


  5. yeah, it's strange how vertical lines can make it seem more cohesive, looking more like a photo. Maybe it has to do with the way the brain organizes the image, and like r_sail said, it's kind of halftone quality, which is what is used in newsprint photos, making those images very believable. Strange...maybe it's something to explore more.

  6. Anonymous11:08 AM

    What a fun experiment - I like the results!

  7. You can buy zip-a-tone sheets to apply to the actual page... or you can take a grey layer in photoshop, and half tone it to get the same effect. I do the latter, as it's free!

    Thanks for the link over to my blog! : )


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