A skeleton sits on my couch, his name is Bones. His head twists back into space at this odd angle. I think it twists more and more every day, despite all I do to make it straight. I don't know why I feel the need to make it straight.


  1. Anonymous4:24 PM

    I love it!! Thank you for posting it! :)

    You are a fabulous sketch artist!

  2. Great position. Skeletons are like sailing vessles. Lots of lines criss-crossing.

    You've put the skull facing out of the page. It gives me the impression that it doesn't want to be there, like something was wrong with the space. If you had pointed it into the page, I think it would have given the impression of waiting, missing, or loss. Of course straight up would be similar to looking out of page, except showing no preference or thought to what the page contains.

    So, what was your thought?


  3. Thanks very much for all your thoughts!

    I started drawing this skeleton, and was in a zone about it with no real "conceptual" reason to it, until I was done, then decided it needed to be a marionnette on strings. I think it's interesting how skeletons support our bodies when the soul is awake in them, but when we die the skeleton needs supporting by something else.


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