I'm about tired of blogger antics


  1. it's been fucking up as of late for me. I'll assume you're getting the same publishing errors?

  2. yeah, lost some posts and the comments, and reposted...blablabla. It's been annoying, but hopefully will be over soon. I read on their blogger buzz that switching over to the BETA version would be a solution for the immediate moment. I'm not really in a position to do that until they make switching to BETA more streamline.

  3. Anonymous10:56 AM

    I love when it completely disappears. Nice.

    Whenever I leave long comments, I always copy them first. Too many times I've lost them when I tried to post. Man, that hurts.

  4. yeah, I can imagine that is so much harder for you, considering your beautiful writing, just vanishing! Then it's just not even worth it to try to pull that same inspired feeling again.

    I love the photos on your blog - not sure if I love them more or your writing :)

  5. Amen sister. Loving all your recent posts.


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