more portraits

i was playing around some more with charcoal and having fun. Some of these don't fit in my sketchbook, so maybe I'll have to give them away so they don't get lost around here as random flying sheets of paper. I really like the way charcoal works so well with wrinkles in skin!


  1. Your charcoals are completely amazing. I have never been a real fan of charcoal, it smudges so easy. You're stuff is so clean and detailed though, it does add the perfect effect to the facial features.


  2. I've been looking over your blog and your figures and portraits are amazing.
    I just got done taking a figure drawing class and could not get the hang of charcoal. i'll have to give it another try.

  3. Awesome Sketchbook work- the mess in the sink one is inspiring. Link away

  4. These are fantastic and the paper really lends itself to your work.

    Hey, you should post some of your drawings from when you were a kid sometime. That makes me wanna find some stuff my mom saved now!


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