last day of Oct

Happy Celebrating!


  1. thanks Ester
    happy halloween

  2. Cheers, happy Halloween to you too!

    This is a great image, by the way! I love your ability to capture the motion of the bird in flight!

    beautiful colors as well!

  3. Cool. Happy Halloween (almost). Great picture. Haven't had a lot of time (clear mental time) to do a lot of posting and commenting, so...

    Some really good stuff. I liked the crash in the night. When I saw the yellow diamond pattern I thought of a glass window from a pub. It reminded me of walking around the other morning and seeing a car as a bridge across a concrete ditch at the end of the road. Also, I like the angle for Painting Away.

    So great work all around. Thanks. Still working on the short story by the way


  4. Anonymous3:25 AM

    Bit late, but

    'and to you!'

    Jack - o - Lantern

  5. Thanks! All the posts on this blog are my artwork and doodle things. In the case that I put something up that's not mine, I usually say who did it, or whatnot. I was just playing around in my sketchbook last night and dropped a lot of orange in it.

  6. Anonymous5:41 PM

    Thanks Ester. Very cool. Love birds and this one is no exception. The orange is strong.


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