fun with xylene

I remember a class in art history once talking about a period in which artists called their work "happenings". So this is my creme brulee "happening"...well evidence of it anyway. the giant mess in the sink! Been super busy today, drawing, erasing, then getting eraser bits stuck in the keyboard...not good.


  1. ha ha--this is quite "happening"! funny 'cause my studemts left this beautiful watercolor paint mess in my classroom's sink and all i could think of is damn, i wish i had my camera1

  2. Messes are funner to draw than to clean. Ha.

    I hope the creme brulee was as good as your drawing. This would make an excellent layout for a cookbook. "Here is the recipe, and on this page a picture of what your going to be stuck with afterwards." You could design your meal plan around the number of items you have to clean.


  3. That is gorgeous.
    Love Thom Yorke too.

  4. i think you're on to something with drawing the mess to determine what to cook...that's great. I personally prefer "cheese and cracker no mess".


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