figure drawing...with more to come

(this post was accidentally deleted, then reposted, sorry for losing your comments Tony and Jason Evans)


  1. Very beautiful.
    And, I like your style.
    It is so Symbolic.
    Thank you for leaving your comment.

  2. Great sketches. I have a question about the gray sketches. What is the gray material? It looks kinda like water color paper, or cardboard.

    Also, I wanted to say what you said about supporting the skeleton on the last page was very cool. It inspired me to write a little short story.


  3. thanks :)

    the grey is the color of the paper I'm using. It's Strathmore 500 Series Charcoal Papers, can find it at most any art store, including It resembles the paper inside of the Fabriano Artist Journals (Ingre laid paper), so I love it. It's thin and totally durable.

    Wow, I want to see your writing...I'm checking out your blog - hope you posted that!

  4. Wonderful! Especially the soft portrait...


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