been working with many of my older sketchbooks lately, scanning in the things I thought were decent. It's a huge project, but fun, and I'm thinking it might also be fun to change up my website some. maybe have a right hand and left hand section...two style for the price of one.


  1. I've often tried to think about what to do with the art locked in my old sketchbooks. I want to incorporate them into an art show, but it's inconvenient for the viewer.

    Whoa! Brilliant Brainstorm. Scanning in the images, I can place them on hanging panels that the viewer can walk between, like walking through a sketchbook. Ooooh, fun.

    Thanks, you are such an inspiration.


  2. yeah, that's a great idea! You should definitely explore that. And think too, if you had some drawings that were just plain black pen/ink, then you could print out your drawing on a see-through vellum that people can kind of see through, meaning see them from the back too. Wow, all the possibilities there.

  3. It is really amazing how with a couple of strokes you can create form and light. Very, very nice work! Question! I see that your work has some asian art influence. Am I right? I just noticed that your style is very diverse.

  4. thanks edgar, very sweet of you :)

    I like to keep things interesting for myself, so I hate the idea of locking down to a certain style. If something sparks interest I'll do it, and find out if it's fun. Most of the art posted to this blog comes from my sketchbooks, so it varies a lot. I find lots of inspiration in Asian culture, particularly Japanese. I'm planning on taking a few Japanese language courses soon. It's just something that has always piqued my interest, so I go with it.

    Thanks a lot for your thoughts! I love your blog too, btw. Beautiful drawings :)


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