wear and tear

Extra puzzle pieces and broken parts, they even have a place to fall into. The categorizing mind boxes the miscellaneous up into neat compartments and files the filing away. Sometimes I wish I could have a break from my sorting, sifting, shifting, assigning...I just want to draw; no strings attached.


  1. Mondernism and Modularism. The idea that cleanliness is simplicity. I am trying to convince people to get rid of their closets, and kitchen cabinets.

    Great painting. I like the way the words hang from the hands. Seemingly representing the weight of the desire bound in them, and perhaps the suspected weakness in the question assuming there is an answer.


  2. Draw for the sake of self-satisfaction? I still think all artists have the burning desire for their work to be seen by the public, that desire perhaps being the only string attached. As for organization, i need more closets and spaces and all that stuff for all my stuff. If only I could convince myself to be ale to get rid of some of it. Anyhow, this is great--the way you portray the hands and words. Poetic even.

  3. you guys are great :)
    I suppose I've been hoping that some parts of my life will fall into place, and I get thinking too much about how to control where all the parts fall. The reality being so outrageously out of my control...I just have to remember to let go, which is hard.


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