summer is over

Yesterday a watermain broke in the heart of the city, right in the middle of a main intersection and caused huge traffic jams. The water soaked through layers and layers of concrete road, so much water that it couldn't drain and flooded nearby parking lots. And then the rain started shortly after, letting the rest of the city feel the cold drench. The weather has officially changed. I guess summer is really over.


  1. Is this you swimming through the flood? One of my favorite dreams started with a flooded parking lot. Great drawing.


  2. Sifting through some of my photographs I found this picture and wanted to draw it. It's not me, but I felt like it represented how I have felt waterlogged these past days. I think it would be cool if the city really were a place we could swim through.

  3. :) sería divertido, como sería coger el autobús?
    Aquí ha pasado lo mismo!!!
    lluvias increíbles!


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