messing with my drawings some more in photoshop. I like the hint of color to a bw image. Kind of reminded me of old school colored photos.


  1. subtle. Yeah, I like the tint effect. I liked your underwater picture also. Nice effect.


  2. Hey,

    Sorry not to get back to you sooner but thanks for the Scotland comment.

    Your new stuff looks great, how are you going about coloring it in Photoshop? I sometimes use it in my drawings but usually just for flat color - you've got shading and everything!



  3. Thanks for your thoughts :)

    Jack - Thanks! I draw out my image with a dark lead 2B pencil complete with all the shading. Since I'm totally new with photoshop, I've just been experimenting with using the airbrush tool to color everything. First I zoom way in and select the area I want colored, like the jacket here. Then with airbrush (brush tool), I take the opacity down to 20% on the brush and sweep over the areas that I want. The beauty is that your brush will only color your selected area. Then I rework certain areas with the burn and dodge to darken and lighten them. You can save your selections (under select-load/save selections) which helps so you can go back to the jacket anytime you feel like you want to add another color. So far that's all I've really experimented with in the program. With my last post underwater, I added a layer of horizontal grain.

    Hope that wasn't too confusing :)


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