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Last page of a book. A teacher of mine once mentioned that it looked like I "breathed life into this sketchbook" when he looked at the bulging pages loaded with a million colors. I've thought about what he said ever since then and I like to see those stacks of books on my shelf, with their edges multicolored and unwilling to lay flat. It seems like they really do take on a life of their own, and certainly lay down a map for where I've been. I always wonder what it will be like to look back through the books when I get much older and how I will feel about them then.


  1. Sometimes you'll look back and be amazed at what you did rather than embarrassed, and you'll say to yourself "wow, I actually did that ?".

  2. I agree. I love looking back through my old sketchbooks. I think about the movie "Seven" when they find the library of the guys composition books. I want a library like that too, only not as crazy.


  3. I can identify so much with the feelings you have for your sketchbooks. I do believe if there was a fire in my house, they would be the first material thing I would save...I'm not sure if I could remember my life nearly as well without them.


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