cherry cherry

I've been on this pencil kick for a while, mainly because I found a toothy paper that works so well as sketch surface - it's that "biggie" paper put out by canson. It's probably not much more archival than newsprint, but the tooth grabs my lead great so I can get rich blacks. It's been fun, along with composition play. I'm supposed to hear a final word on my picture book on friday, so I've been hanging out waiting for that news, then onto revisions and final product. In the meantime, I picked up a new manga, "DeathNote", and I think the compositions of the great drawing will help me break out some of my normal head-on view for art. At least I'm hoping to be able to kick the habit. Life can be seen in so many more interesting ways than that typical, 5ft off the ground view. Gotta get to practicing!


  1. Cool. Your 5 foot off the ground comment reminds me of The Phantom Tollbooth and the people who are born with there heads 5 feet off the ground, whose feet grows down instead of head growing up. That way the always have the same point of view. Anyway, that was fun, figured I would throw it in. Good luck on the picture book.


  2. this is a wonderful sketch; just wonderful and I really like the retro colors; now all the rage; no room for improvement here!!

  3. wow, thanks ascender! Very sweet.

    Bgoz - I actually have not heard of the Phantom Tollbooth before, but your description sounds hilarious to see.

    I need to break some bad habits

  4. True Ester. I like that you're experimenting with different compositions here. This one in particular is striking. I too need to experiment more with my drawing at least, though lately I've been into more simple, straight forward representational sketches celebrating the shape and form of the entire subject. Now I'm inspired to get more daring.


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