announcing autumn

Found these treasures at the park yesterday and all around it felt like the vegetation was announcing Autumn approaching.


  1. Great idea--the print and the drawing. Very nicely composed. Ginko leaf?

  2. yeah, I picked up some ginko leaves from the ground, along with these other fun things. I kind of wish the print turned out darker, but I've been experimenting with it more and they are turning out ok. It seems that brushing on light amounts of sumi ink is the best approach so far (rather than the stamp pad I used here).

    Steve - thanks very much for your nice post about the cd exchange. You're awesome!

  3. Cool drawing.

    It has a forensic feel, or that of a memory. "I recalled the day I joined the others, bathing in the crystal water. I was so parched. But the chrysanthemum jostled against me forcing my broad face out into the cool air. The last thing I remembered was the squirrels squabbling in the oak above, then darkness. Was the chrysanthemum smiling?"


  4. oh wow! is that from a book you're reading, or is that your imagination? That's an amazing visual Bgoz! I love it...maybe I'll draw to it

  5. love your drawings!! So beautiful, symbolic and elegant!

  6. Oh! A ginko! I LOVE those trees!!! Did you know they are the oldest living trees in the world?! Your work is beautiful! Thank you for sharing!!!


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