summer storms

These summer storms are my favorite part of the brutal summer in the south. I look forward to a green sky turning purple with bolts out of nowhere that scorch your eye to look at.
and nice shades of green to cool off with


  1. Yes, thunder storms can be quite fun to watch. We had some beautiful skies about a week ago with lots of colors and spreading bolts. I was going to try to paint it, but figured I would fail to capture it. Maybe I'll try again. Nice drawings today. I love the colors on the turtle piece. Where is the building in the lightning at top?


  2. Thanks very much :)
    The building is actually a strip mall with the main section (the tallest part) housing a movie theater. It's in Marietta, GA. I went chasing this storm and wound up parked in the parking lot watching it, so decided to draw the scene.

  3. Love your drawings and illustrations!! Beautiful and great design concepts!!

  4. These are FANTASTIC!!!


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