rain today

It was a slow, rainy day today. Didn't get much accomplished, but the rain kept it beautiful all day. Even lost power from the thunderstorms. It makes me never want to move away from such raging storms, they are too much fun to watch.


  1. Having moved from sub-tropical Australia to southern California ten years ago, I really miss summer afternoon thunderstorms. We have a expression we hurl at the sky, "Send 'er down, Hughie!" Yeah, I miss that.

    Love your illustration .. the colours and shapes are wonderful. Thanks for the memory.

  2. Thanks for the kind words on my illo, and for the anime link! Samurai Champloo looks soo interesting!

    Right now, SteamBoy and Howls Moving Castle are my two favs.

    I'm a rain and storm lover as well, have been seen doing exactly what your girl is doing on many sprinkling occasions! I really like the way you've created her shadows without overdoing them!


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