photoshop color

Been playing around with photoshop coloring techniques today. Used 3 colors to make this, plus burn and dodge. I'm totally new to coloring in photoshop, so it's all experience points. The original is a pencil drawing underneath and I like the way the grain still shows up to give it some texture.


  1. She is, of course, because it's you, your standards, your talent, superbly done...

  2. Thanks Brenda, that's very sweet of you to say.

  3. Really nice. After your comment on the Elvis drawing, I've been trying to do more digital coloring of my sketches. Was up till 2am this morning working on a digital version of my IF post, but had to scrap it (too tired to be using a mouse).

    Your drawing looks great in color, and I agree with you on leaving the pencil in.

    If you haven't I suggest checking out the art in a comicbook series called "ARIA" for great pencils with digital color overlay.


  4. thanks for the suggestion - I'll check that out. I always love looking at other people's artwork.


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