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This morning I woke up to the radio telling me all kinds of information about the space missions and ships that are deep in space sending information back to earth about sun bubbles, and etc. It was a blurry thing to sift through, but I did catch someone saying that the information was being sent from some space ship that was sent up in (1958?). It reminded me of the old cars of the 50's with their crazy shapes and gadgets. I started wondering how some piece of equipment that old could still be surviving enough to successfully give us secrets from space. And then I thought of the anime steamboy and last exile, and it's fun to see new technology being mixed with images from the past.


  1. simply brilliant. loved so many drawings here that it is impossible to comment. so I will comment on the adorable kitty photo in a past posting -- love it.

  2. Cool. I love the look of old technology. That's why the old "Time Machine" movie from 1960 was so cool. I loved the idea that technology should have padded cushions, filigree, and lots of dials.



  3. Great drawing and composition. Some fascinating stuff as well. So Steamboy is good, huh? I've been wanting to check it out, buy it even. The whole old meets new technology thing has always intrigued me as well.

  4. thanks all!

    yeah, I liked steamboy for the graphics more than for the story. The old technology part was fun to see. But I also bought it straight out because I like putting those movies on for background noise and inspiration. I'd say it's good enough to buy without having seen it before.


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