ideas flit away

Sometimes I feel like ideas are hard to keep, like a bird in the hand, one minute maybe caught, but they fly away and were never mine to own. Precarious things.


  1. I agree--sometimes they're right under your nose all along as well but we neglect to look there. Great image though---was this paper really wrinkled or was that done on some type of art-based software? Either way very cool.

  2. well, the paper got a small wrinkle due to putting heavy amounts of liquitex matte medium on the page, but it was accentuated a lot by the bright scanner light. I'm not really happy with this digital image as much as the real thing, but that's how it goes sometimes.

    I really like this sketchbook I've been using - fabriano journal 6"x6". The ingre laid paper can take anything and won't ever show evidence on the back of each page. I even soak it in watercolors too.

    Thanks for your thoughts Steve. I'm always looking forward to music updates on your blog, and you got me interested in keeping up with IF too, so thanks.


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