hair of flower

So yesterday it got to be something like 11:30 at night and I realized that I hadn't put anything on my blog, and I didn't have anything to put on my I guess I missed a day. Hopefully it won't happen again. I'm not feeling guilty or anything.


  1. Naaaw, don't feel guilty--life gets in the way sometimes. Anyhow, this is such a beautiful, moody image--ethereal even. I like how you've captured a certain atmosphere here. Have you ever thought of posting on Illustration Friday? You don't have to be an "illustrator". It is simply a forum for artists of all kinds to creatively challenge themselves if they want to and post it. More people should see your work.

  2. i really love how you are very subtle with imagery. strong enough to convey but its never hitting me on the head. nice balance!

  3. Thanks very much to both of you for all the nice things said.

    I have actually submitted a couple of times to illo friday, but not too often. I should probably just step up to the plate with that and submit more regularly. I like their new feature of thumbnails too.

  4. Incredible images peeking though. I love your style and wish I was more abstract.

    It's good not to feel guilty. I used to feel guilty about everything, incuding not feeling guilty about not feeling guilty.
    I'm getting better.



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