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I saw a book today called "Sketching Successfully". I kind of wished it was a joke...how can one NOT sketch successfully? Isn't the whole point about learning, making mistakes, and playing around with images...I wondered if people really feel UNsuccessful at sketching, and by who's terms? Who or what could be the judge? A mark is so unique to the individual...how can it be wrong? I would hope the author wasn't trying to make people imitate a preset formula for art.


  1. I am so sorry that you had a teacher like that. I can't believe how many blocked artists become instructors and then ruin others' enthusiasm for creating. It's totally disheartening to be around people like that, and it takes a lot of courage to realize that you have to sift through the bad to find some good. You're so right - simply doing it is the best advice anyone can give. I like your attitude :)

  2. Anonymous4:16 PM

    Funny you say this, because that is one of the main reasons I dont sketch, because sometimes I feel like my sketches look like utter crap. I know the reality is, if I sketch more they will get better, but eh....

    So yeah I would probably read a book like that

    *hides in shame

  3. no need for shame. Inspiration, no matter how you find it, is a great thing, and worth taking advantage of. I read tons of drawing books and "how-to's" of art, but I also spend time actively creating too, and I notice that the minute I start creating something, the lessons fade away from my mind and all I am concerned with is how fun it is to be drawing/painting, etc.

    Just keep at it - it's like growing a plant, taking time and putting efforts in...it is guaranteed to grow into something you will be happy with.

  4. I love painting, but I'm a figurative painter and find a good sketch is a necessary underpinning for the flow of paint. And sketching is very hard, my proportions always off requiring copious erasing. It can take a week of attempts to do an adequate sketch for a painting and an hour to do the painting! Which is one reason why I love your sketches - they seem so effortless, and the proportion is always there, and the shading superbly done. Ah!


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