jimi brought home a bee, so i had to draw it.


  1. Your drawings are fabulous. Are they all hand done, or started by hand and finished in a paint program of some type? I'm thinking how long it would take to draw those honeycomb shapes and how perfect they are and whether they were added later? If not, oh, the time! In admiration...

  2. Thanks for your sweet comments. I usually draw everything in my sketchbook by hand, aside from the occasional collaging with papers. I LOVE specialty papers and always have fun incorporating them in my art.

    In this case, I printed out this honeycomb design that I made in Adobe Illustrator, onto a piece of transparency film, then cut it out to fit onto my sketchbook page...I cut around these hexagons at the top edge, and since the film is clear it's fun to see the shadow of the honeycomb as it moves onto the page underneath the physical film (not really seen in a scan as well as in person). To secure it to my page I just used transparent scotch tape.

    I would also be impressed with someone who could take the time to make perfect little honeycombs...I'm certainly not that patient.

    Thanks for your thoughts Brenda!

  3. I can't see the tape at all, and it's so well done that it's nearly impossible to see that the honeycomb is not drawn out of the same black ink that you've used for the bee. But this is a photograph on screen, live it would be different. Thanks for explaining how you both drew and composed this drawing!


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