I wonder how many people have heard of a rapidosketch...I never had until I saw one in Michael's the other day. And I looked at it hard to see if it was different from a rapidograph. I could only see so close through the packaging, but I picked one up today and realized that it is the exact same kind of pen, except it only cost me about $7 instead of $22. I think it's a new thing for Michael's to be carrying Koh-I-Noor products. Also found a new Fabriano product called a Quadrato, which is a square sketchbook with all light colored Ingre papers. Should be great to work in...only downside is that it lacks about 100 pages, compared to their journal sketchbooks.

I wonder sometimes if my calling really is to be an art store purchaser, for how much I love to browse through art supplies.


  1. I would have to agree with Caitlin here about the best job in the world. We don't get all the new stuff in Finland but I'll definitely be looking for a rapidosketch - thanks for the tip! (you might find the picture on the right somewhat familiar :)


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