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Jimi made me this pin cushion. Just what I needed too. Working with 3d has been a fun challenge and a quick break away from all the painting and drawing. A pleasant break. I made 3 full bodied stuffed animals and 2 extra heads, along with a fabric pencil case that will get good use. And then, at the art store today, I picked up some sakura gelly rolls! A favorite. Can't wait to get back to the drawing board again.


  1. Fantastic blog, I've been searching 'sketching' for a while and until now never really managed to me up with what I was looking for, a daily record!

    Beautiful work

    Would you mind if I added a link to your blog?



  2. P.S.

    How'd you get paint to work in a moleskine?!

    I had one a while back, but anything liquid based seemed to just soak through the pages...

  3. Thanks! I don't mind linking up at all :)

    About your question with the moleskine: I usually put a coating of liquitex matte medium on the page before trying to use inks or watercolors, but oil paint that is thinned down works beautifully right on the page, staining it just right. The only downside is that my moleskine is super fat and won't even shut now because of all the extra things tacked into it and coatings of goo on every page. But it's fun that way.

  4. Thanks for your comment too, and the moleskine tip!

    I'm glad (and surprised) you liked the writing. Although, I wouldn't necessarily consider it to be something that I’m particularly good at, I didn't even enjoy writing until blogger(not strictly true though it is a recent thing - since friends started to move away/letter writing etc)

    Heh, well now I'm a bit addicted.

    I agree, fat moleskine = something lovely!

    On the link front, I'm still tryng to work out how to get fellow bloggers 'names' to appear rather than some long web-address. Any tips?

    Carrie :)

  5. Hello (again,again)

    It worked!


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