a good home

My little kitty creations have already found a perfect home, so I'll have to get on the ball about putting together new plushy things. And I couldn't resist taking this green pic. Kitty was enjoying the jungle outside just as much as me, but she probably had birds on the mind. Later, the sketchbook called...


  1. Anonymous1:21 PM

    Ester, generally how much time a day do you spend on art?

  2. Well, a normal day for me is waking up, working on my children's book spreads from about 9:00a to 3p with an hour lunch/internet time in there, and then a break for getting outside and enjoying the world with photographs or store stops, then back home to play in my sketchbook or create some other fun things, lately with my sewing machine, about 2 hours for dinner or so, and maybe a movie to go to sleep to...I'd say about 30% of my day is not making art, and the other 70% is either actively working on something creative, or at least brainstorming things up for new projects. Of course, some days are harder to generate than others. I always need to take at least one full day away from it/week, maybe it will be filled with looking at other people's creativity, or watching movies or something where I'm not producing. But I love to be creative, so it's not a chore. Usually, if I'm not making art, I'm at least thinking about it or talking about it. Also I'm not hooked up with television, so I create art to fill up my days.

  3. Anonymous9:18 AM

    Thanks so much for your response Ester....just confirms my thoughts on how lazy I am.
    Your work ethic is inspirational

  4. I thought I recognized your name from your last comment to my blog - responding to my artist talk in Feb I think? How has your summer been? Do you have a website for your art? How is the scad transition for you? Hope all is well!


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