art deco

I've been working all day on my take-home test for art history...the last one! The end of the term is coming along quickly, and should all be wrapped up by next friday. Of course, I broke my pact with a friend and have already started worrying about what to do after I graduate, but I need to actually graduate before that starts again. The next moment will always bring something new for me along with it.

Anyway, with all the stuff I had to do for this test, my favorite part was Art Deco:


  1. Thanks very much Captin_amazin! I do actually have a few things planned after graduation. I am writing and illustrating a children's book, I will be sending some portfolios out to local galleries, and I will put up my portfolio of illustrations up on a web-hosted portfolio site. Pretty much my goal is to be self employed with art. Good luck with your SAT's and college searches, and thanks for your kind words!


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