Seminar Saturday

Went to part of a seminar at the Savannah College of Art's gallery. The talk was about illustrating children's books, and then switched to other things. I sketched some while I was there:

Allen Drummond

and other people:


  1. Pretty funny...I noticed the woman next to Jay, too.

  2. Very funny Ester. A great observation from the back row. That lady next to me was nice but I did not know why she was there. I showed her my portfolio and she said her husband was an architect and uses illustrators often. Not my bag though. I did not notice she was staring at me though. Hmmm. That guy in the leather jacket is John Hartwell. Great guy who a rare designer and illustrator, looking to do more illustration. I've known him for 7 years or so and got him to come to Atlanta for Portfolio Center.


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