Restructure DNA

I've got an editorial piece that needs illustration, relating to the subject of splicing genes from animals or plants, into other animals or plants to make a better product. The title is called "Restructuring DNA: Playing God?". So I sketched around with silly ideas that came to my head last night, and had fun with the drawings.
splicing genes, messing with animals (like those glow in the dark pigs!-true story)

harvesting body parts

But then, after putting down the sketchbook and taking a break from it, I had a different idea to incorporate snakes turning into a single object (like plant life), and their tongues sticking out, twisting up into the DNA strand symbol. My sketch today for this:

I liked it better because it turned into more of a "spot quality" drawing where no environment/scene was shown, and I felt like it also incorporated thoughts of religion, medicine, science, etc.


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