Figure Drawing

one minute studies:

and .5 to 1 hour studies:

Figure drawing tonight went well, and I didn't beat myself up over my drawings, so I was happy enough for that. I've been spending time today making lists of things for myself that could become integrated into some of my artwork, because I really need to get more personal and expressive about things I truly care about and feel strongly for. The list got long, then I started to draw my cat, and drift to other things, but here are a few of the items:
  • Self sufficiency and independence
  • Use imagination at all times, see the world with wonder
  • Think things through, educate yourself
  • Do what you dream
  • Learn your weaknesses and beat them
  • Be spontaneous, take risks
  • Let everything inspire you
  • Do not judge on face value alone
  • Exagerate the fun parts


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