Working on a billy corgan portrait and concept work. I tried so many times to draw his face, but for some reason it is so tricky for me to capture his look in pencil. So after all the failures there, I figure, I might as well do something digital and use a photograph, so I WILL get a likeness whether I like it or not. But still wanting a personal, hand-made touch, I scanned in textures of watercolored surfaces that I created in the same tones that I would need for shadows and highlights. This portrait is something I'm happy with, and I like the bright colors too. I think it shows the light skin that he is famous with, and dark circles for eyes, because they are so far indented in his head.

Next step, turning this conceptual with more imagery. I'd like to incorporate the daisies from his recent music video, along with imagery of the other Smashing Pumpkin band members. The article discusses his want for the Smashing Pumpkins to reunite.


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