Snowboard Designs

Well, call me naive and innocent, but my first snowboard designs are WAY not rough, sexy or hip enough. I suppose I'll have to pretend that I'm cool for a day and make something better. My idea was this..."playing around in the snow, sounds fun, little snowbirds, and their tracks show underneath the board when you flip it." But the reality is that the hip kids who want these boards think my design is back to the drawing board. I guess that makes me not rough enough, but I already knew that..hehe. Oh well, here are some more ideas (and they got a little more approval!). Now though, I'm thinking they might work better as skateboards instead, or just transfer the whole image onto a Tshirt and be done with it.


  1. I'm not a snowboarder but that penguin design kicks ass in my book! Bravo!

  2. coming from a Southerner who has no snowboarding experience whatsoever (except watching the x-games) I agree that the penguin kicks ass ;)

  3. ;)
    well thanks much. I'm from the west coast, so I suppose I should know better, but I just went with my first thought on the penguin thing. I personally like it too.

  4. I NEED that penguin design! I've been looking for about 3 weeks straight to find a penguin snowboard and its virtually impossible and this is the closest thing I can find!


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