Finished another painting today that I'm very pleased with, but it's still wet so had to scan only half of it. Wanted a bold color to go with the subject. So far, these are taking me an average of two full days, nonstop painting, with an hour for lunch. I'd like to keep this up during school too. We'll see if that is possible. I can see with the progression how much more detail I am putting into these images. What's also interesting to me is the way these are just flowing right out of my brush, as if I am not the one painting them. I feel like the paint brushes did it, or my fingers. My mind has been so absorbed into putting each stroke down that I don't have room for analyzing (which is what I've desperately been needing: this much of a challenge and something so exciting to work on that I don't get bored and start analyzing it to death).

Anyway, I hope to be able to post the full image soon, when it's dry.

Here is her face close up. From imagination again. Woohoo!


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