Dinner with De Seve

Wow. So I missed posting last night, but what could be more important than going to hear a lecture by Peter De Seve, and then dinner with his group afterward. What an awesome, inspiring, insightful experience! Chance of a lifetime in my opinion, and I had so much fun. Jimi and I drove with Mr. Lovell and Theo Rudnak. We got there and Jack Davis was there (who I'm ashamed to say I didn't know his work prior to this visit), and another Jack, printmaker, who used to teach at ACA, currently at UGA. Very good times. I think the biggest thing that I took away from the experience of hearing Peter talk about his work was that none of what he said came as a surprise to me. I felt like he underlined everything that I've already been taught and have researched, so it's exciting to feel like I might actually be in line, and on the right kind of track to getting this career thing down. Not that I'm anything near that professional quite yet, but I'm not surprised at what it takes.

Yay, how exciting!


  1. your work is beautiful...what a gift you have! I stopped by your blog after checking in on my son's memorial blog. stop in sometime when you are resting your brush :)

    I will browse your website sometime. Good luck...Barbara


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